This site is now in honor of my late Brother, Alexander Lee Curyea, who passed away on 10/30/2005. Please feel free to add any captions to any of the pictures. Most of his photos are located under the PHOTOGRAPHY section. Alex loved his family and being able to do photography, capturing a blink of an eye in one's life more than anything else. So, to honor his passion, I will continue to do his dream and learn from what he has shown all of us, I miss you bro.

If anyone would like photos of a certain gallery let me know and I will burn a CD and mail you a copy.

Thank you,
Stuart Douglas Curyea


I'm Alex Curyea. These are my galleries.

You're welcome to view through them, as these are really set up to showcase Smugmug as the new hotness is photo-sharing. No ads, no pop-ups. Just beautiful galleries.

I live and work in the Bay Area, CA so if you're in the area ever, drop me a line. More galleries will be added as time goes on, so be sure to check back in.

I handle the PR for Smugmug, so any comments or suggestions are welcome. Feel free to email me:

Best, and enjoy!